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BLOGTOUR: Review for 'Probably the Best Kiss in the World' - Pernille Hughes


Probably the Best Kiss in the World
Jen Attison likes her life Just So. But being fished out of a canal in Copenhagen by her knickers is definitely NOT on her to do list. From cinnamon swirls to a spontaneous night of laughter and fireworks, Jen’s city break with the girls takes a turn for the unexpected because of her gorgeous, mystery rescuer.
Back home, Jen faces a choice. A surprise proposal from her boyfriend, ‘boring’ Robert has offered Jen the safety net she always thought she wanted. But with the memories of her Danish adventure proving hard to forget, maybe it’s time for Jen to stop listening to her head and start following her heart…

My Review:

I was really excited to become part of the blog tour for this book. I think the cover is gorgeous, it drew my interest and then the synopsis really sold it to me. I must add that the title and nod to Carlsbergs ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ was genius!
I haven’t read anything from the author previously - shame on me - so this was a nice little surprise. As a craft fan (and someone that attends many craft events myself), I loved how this book demonstrated someone having a great passion for something others may not necessarily have interest in.  Jen reminded me a little of myself in that respect (and obviously in name!)

I do enjoy a good chick lit/rom-com and I do not mind that there are similarities in books of this genre, I do admire fresh takes on the usual, some shocks, twists and turns but I do tend to find that an authors writing style is the most important in bringing something special to it. Here we have something fresh, funny and easy going, Pernille has created down to earth characters that I found really likable.

Jen is passionate young woman, but we find her working in a job she doesn’t really believe in and in a relationship that isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. I like her a lot and she is not your typical leading lady. She has flaws and faults but who doesn’t, she cheats and is fairly self-absorbed yet she does love others and especially her younger sister (even if this is more often than not a tad overbearing for Lydia).

After a fun filled, romantic sounding trip to Copenhagen (where’s my suitcase, I want to go!) where she meets the enigmatic Yakob and gets kissed, properly, firework sparking kissed – Jen’s world is about to turn.

I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Yakob and Jen develop but even more than that I enjoyed seeing how Jen developed as a person and as sister. She’s over-protective, which is understandable to an extent, but I thought it was great to see how she eventually learned to let Lydia take risk and love her own life.

Overall this is a lovely story, a refreshing and well-paced chick lit read. I sat and enjoyed in one sitting, I was so absorbed - I love to get stuck in to a book that isn’t overly complicated but contains enough drama and surprises to keep me interested. Jen and co are a lovely bunch of characters and I definitely recommend for fans of the genre – or for those with a keen interest in beer!

 Thank you to Pernille Hughes , HarperImpulse and Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and review this book

About the Author:
Pernille Hughes is a RomCom author and mum, whose debut novel was SWEATPANTS AT 
TIFFANIE'S, soon to be followed by PROBABLY THE BEST KISS IN THE WORLD (April 2019). Previously her writing has been printed in The Sunday Times and the fabulous SUNLOUNGER summer anthologies.

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Pernille (pronounced Pernilla) studied Film & Literature at uni and took her first job in advertising, having been lured by the temptation of freebies, but left when Status Quo tickets was as good as it got. After a brief spell marketing Natural History films, she switched to working in Children's television which for a time meant living in actual Teletubbyland, sharing a photocopier with Laa-Laa.

Now, she lives in actual Buckinghamshire, sharing a photocopier with her husband and their four spawn. While the kids are at school she scoffs cake and writes RomCom stories in order to maintain a shred of sanity.

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  1. Jenn, It's been a pleasure to be on tour with you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it and for your lovely review! xx